Tuesday, June 23, 2009

34 Weeks

Here are some pictures we were able to take today of our beautiful little baby girl! We are getting very excited for her to arrive!

Here's a picture of her beautiful smile. Her cousin Julia was able to be at the ultrasound with us and she said, "she's gonna have the world's greatest smile since she has been practicing even before she is born." Thanks Julia and Grandma Lifferth for being at the ultrasound.
More of her smile...

Here she's giving us a thumb's up and sticking out her tongue.

On another exciting note, Jeremy has been over-achieving in all of his summer classes, despite his very busy schedule which includes Scouts, work, school, a demanding pregnant wife and summer activities. He has scored the highest grade in his class on the last 3 tests he has taken!
I am so proud of my super smart husband.

Monday, June 1, 2009

30 weeks

Baby Zurawski was not too happy about having her pictures made. In this picture, you can see she has her brow furrowed.

She was a lot more content when she could hide her face with her arm. Hope ya'll enjoy these pictures!

Since we couldn't get too many good pictures, we will be having another photo shoot on June 8th. Check back for more glamor shots of our beautiful baby girl!