Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clara has recently discovered puzzles.  She is really good at them and enjoyes doing them all by herself.
 At the library, they had ballerinas come and perform.  Clara was so excited to meet the real ballerinas.  They danced and even gave the children hugs.

 We love feeding the ducks!  Grandma Lifferth is so fun to bring us to the pond and help us.  We also see turtles and lots of fish.
 I started serious running back in January.  I joined an awesome running group that I do 3-4 runs with every week.  We did a 1/2 marathon in April together and I got my best time.  I love running now and I'm totally addicted!!  Its helped me so much in so many ways!!  I love my running buddies!
 Emma spent a few days with us.  Clara and Zoe loved having a fun big sister to play with!
 I was so excited to have Shala, Brennley and McKay come visit!!  We had a wonderful 2 weeks with them.  We ran, played, ate, traveled and partied together!!  I love my sister Shala!  We have an awesome friendship that gives me so much strength.

 We had a blast in Florida!!  Dan & Kelly kindly invited us to join them at a house on the beach for a week in St. George Island.  The house was huge and located right on the beautiful sandy beaches.  Clara & Zoe loved playing on the beach in the sand & the water.

 The cousins had so much fun being together!  They played and spent every second together.  When we left Clara, talked about her friends and how much she missed them.

 Uncle Steve & Aunt Diana drove down to visit with us one afternoon.  It was great spending time with them.  They brought us some delicious Mullet dip.  Yum-yum!!

 On our way home we stopped and ate lunch with Aunt Nana.  She treated us to ice cream as well!!  The girls were in heaven with Aunt Nana!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!!!
Jeremy and I were married 5 years ago on July 14, 2007.  We love being married and enjoy every day of being with each other!
 For our anniversary, we went to the temple where we were married, ate a yummy lunch and then checked into the Opryland Hotel for the night. (huge thanks to Josh & Melody for making that possible!!!)  The dancing water shows were awesome!  Jeremy caught this great picture of a water heart.  LOVE!

We love the library!!
 We have 2 awesome libraries within 5 miles of our of house.  We attend the library atleast once a week for story time. 
 It's always a treat when Dad can come to the library with us.  Dad's a great story teller!
 Zoe's a sweet little angel, especially when she first wakes up in the morning.