Monday, January 9, 2012


Our neighbor, Jen, watched the girls one night so Jeremy and I could go on a date! It was so fun to be out with my best friend and husband! Jen took this cute picture of the girls.
Zoe loves swinging! She smiles and laughs everytime she swings! Its the cutest thing!
For Thanksgiving, we went to Michigan and Illinois to visit family. We visited with Uncle Edward and Aunt Evelyn in Chicago. We stayed with Dan and his beautiful family for most of the week in Michigan. We had so much fun playing with them, we didn't want to leave! One highlight from the week was our trip to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.
Clara & Zoe looked so silly all bundled up to play outside in the cold!
Clara is a big helper. She helped me rake leaves for our neighbors. She loved being a part of making someone happy! :)


Sorry, you are not gonna find any Halloween pictures on my October post. On Halloween, we were driving back home from Utah with Grandma and Grandpa Lifferth. We left for Utah on October 19th and returned home on October 31st. While we were there, we celebrated David & Ryan Gage's birthdays, went to Daren & Katie Lifferth's wedding reception, went to David & Mary's Halloween Party, visited with Grandma Wanda Lifferth the day before she passed away, surprised Melody Zurawski with a fun visit, attended Andrew's Priesthood Ordination, attended Wanda's viewing/funeral in Utah, funeral & burial in Montana and we visited with a lot of friends and family! (I'm sure I'm leaving something out....) We had an action packed trip!

Zoe & Clara did great on the road trip!! We were in the car for almost 90 hours and there were only a few difficult moments. I am sure the girls did so well because Grandma & Grandpa Lifferth were there to help me. They made the trip easy and fun! I hope we will always remember the wonderful memories we made on this awesome trip to Utah & Montana.

Clara was so excited when we stopped in Denver to visit with Aunt Sandy. She lives right across the street from the temple so we walked over for a quick visit. Clara loves to see the temple!

After we made it to Utah, it took a few days before I could get either one of the girls back into their carseats. I don't blame them! We spent a lot of time playing outside since the weather was so nice. One day, we walked to the park with the Gage's and had so much fun playing! David, Jordan, Ryan and Mikaela are so wonderful with children!

This is Clara in front of Grandpa Henry & Grandma Wanda Lifferth's old home in Montana. While we were up in Montana for Grandma Wanda's funeral, we were able to visit some family history sites. Being at these sites brought back some wonderful memories of when I was little and we would go to Montana for Lifferth Family Reunions.

While in Montana, we crossed the border to Canada to take some pictures. We had a small run in with the border patrol, but, luckily, we all made it out alive.

Montana is goregous!! It was really cold & Clara got sick while we were in Montana, so we couldn't do as much outdoors, but we saw some really beautiful scenry.