Friday, August 13, 2010


Upon arriving in Florida, we were met by Uncle Bob, Jenn, Casey, and Chloe. They brought us to this awesome Spanish restaurant. Dinner was great and so was our slumber party at their house that night.
The next day we went to Indian Rocks Beach. This is the area where Grandpa Zurawski grew up. The weather was great, beach was awesome and the sting rays were cool to see.
Clara had a blast visiting the beach for the first time. She wasn't too happy about the salty water, but she enjoyed herself and didn't want to leave.
After playing until were we ready to drop, we went to eat at Crabby Bill's. It was so yummy! Thanks so much to Jenn & Bob for showing us a great time in Florida.


After our visit to Texas, Clara and I flew to Utah. We were able to attend Brent's graduation and visit with the The Gages, Lifferths and other friends & family.
Laura and I did some awesome couponing and saving at Walgreens!! Laura bought 36 rolls of TP for $0.86!! Can't beat that, hun?
Clara was a trooper on the plane ride from Texas to Utah and then from Utah to Florida. She is the best little girl in the whole world! She brought smiles to everyone's faces that we encountered on the plane.