Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cutie Pie!

Clara loves her new crawling position! She is really getting around now. She is always smiling. I brought her to the doctor with a 102 fever a few weeks ago and they said there couldn't be anything wrong with her because she was smiling the whole time we were there.Recently, Clara has had her tongue sticking out 24/7. We love it!
This is the creek behind our house. It almost flooded over during the recent flooding we had here in our area. We were blessed to be safe during the storms and not have any damage.
It's hard to tell, but this is a picture of Clara covered in water. She turned her cup upside down on her head and water poured all over her. It was pretty funny to see her reaction!
I love bath pictures!!! Clara loves taking baths. She enjoys playing in the water as its coming out of the faucet. She'll stick her head under the water, pull back with a shocked look on her face, smile, and then do it again. :-)

Let's Make A Deal!

Back in January, we visited Las Vegas with The Gages's. While in Vegas, we were able to attend two tapings of the show "Let's Make A Deal".
It was so much fun!! Here we are in our costumes. :-)

Jeremy won $100 during the "quickie deals" by spinning his basketball on his finger. He's so talented!!