Saturday, October 25, 2008

Breast Cancer Walk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today we participated in a 5-Mile Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. The weather was perfect so there were a lot of people there.
Mom, Jeremy, Sydney, Tani and I all walked. Mom was the winner, of course.

These are my friends from Curves!

The walk began and ended at LP Field, which is where the Tennessee Titans play. They are currently ranked #1 in the NFL. GO TITANS!

Seminary Rocks!

This is my awesome seminary class! We meet at 7:00AM in our ward building. This year we are studying the New Testament. Many of you have wondered why I have not been able to keep my blog up to date, and this is exactly why. I teach everyday before I go to work. Starting the day with seminary has blessed me in so many ways.

Happy 1st Birthday Landon!!

Landon's birthday party was so fun! We were very happy to be there.

Happy Birthday Steph!

I love Olive Garden! Kristen, Nada, Stephanie and I met there for a girls' lunch for Stephanie's birthday.
These girls have been my friends for a very long time! I am so grateful to have such awesome friends!

Kristen made Stephanie a very thoughtful gift reminding her of all the fun memories we have made together. What a fun day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

William and Shannon are engaged!

Jeremy went to high school with Willliam and I went to college with Shannon and now they are getting married! We are very excited for them. We went to their engagement party. The food was awesome! Jeremy and I both love to eat a lot!

Oxford, Mississippi

Jeremy and I visited Dan and Kelly in Oxford, Mississippi. We had a blast! We went swimming, running, sleeping, touring downtown, watching movies, eating sushi and we went to this cool place to eat called Taylor's. It was very yummy. I had some awesome Red Beans and Rice! The catfish was out-of-this world!! Here are the girls. Reagan, Jessica, and Sierra.

Cute lil Amelia and Justice.

Happy 25th Birthday Jeremy and Shauna!!

Jeremy loves desserts and especially The Cheesecake Factory, so that's where we ate. Kristen, Josh, Momma, Pappa, Jeff, Melody and Lana all surprised Jeremy at The Cheesecake Factory. :-)

After we ate lunch, we went to the movies. After the movies we went swimming. After swimming, we ate more food and of course CAKE AND ICE CREAM!!
Jeremy's favorite present was his 3 gallons of Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream with Gummy Bears from Maggie Moos.

We had a great birthday month in July! Sorry for posting the pictures so late.

This is us at a sushi place for my birthday.