Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up....

I have a few pictures from the past few months that I want to post. Hopefully, I will get caught up and get back into my regular blogging schedule. Enjoy!

Jeremy is really good at playing with the girls on Saturday and Sunday mornings so I can sleep in a little. He's a wonderful dad and husband! We are the luckiest girls in the world to have him!

We were so surprised one Monday morning when Elder Gage and his companion showed up at our front door!! We love Elder Gage and pray for him every day. It's been so nice being able to be so close to him during his mission. He is a great missionary, cousin, nephew and example for so many!

This is what Clara wanted to do on her birthday. We went to the park and Clara played for as long as she wanted. She has no fears when it comes to climbing, playing, swinging and exploring. This is the biggest slide in the park and it was the first place she ran to when we arrived.

This is Zoe hanging out while we ate at IKEA in Atlanta!

Zoe loves reading and being read to. She especially loves laying in bed with Clara while we read bedtime stories.

This week we went to the park with Clara's friends Sam and Sadie. Clara played and had so much fun being outside in the beautiful weather!

Clara and Zoe love each other so much! They have been sleeping in the same room since Zoe was about 4 months old. They fall asleep laughing and talking to each other. Zoe laughs at almost anything Clara does. They are learning to share and play together. I love my girls and it makes me so happy to see them enjoying being sisters!