Thursday, July 8, 2010


Leaving New Orleans was hard for me... Jeremy was returning home, while Clara and I were embarking on a journey that would take us 2,000 miles from home and keep us away for over 2 weeks. Despite missing Jeremy, we had a blast!!! Our first stop was TEXAS!!!

Clara and I played with Pat, Shala and Brennley for a whole week! We were treated like royalty. We had some of Shala's outstanding cooking, received a VIP tour of downtown San Antonio, visited Sea World, ate at one of the oldest & yummiest restaurants in San Antonio, visited the temple, went shopping in style and played all day, everyday!Clara loves Brennley. She can't wait to have her own sibling to play with...
We love to see the temple!

New Orleans

Back In May we visited New Orleans for Aberdeen Lifferth's baptism. We had a blast visiting with family and having a huge slumber party at Darren & Sarah's house! Darren & Sarah always know how to show us a good time!While in New Orleans, we toured downtown, ate beignets at Cafe du Monde and even went swimming! Clara loves the water!!