Saturday, September 18, 2010

Party Time!

We hosted a House Party for Fisher Price Toys!! It was so much fun! Fisher Price sent us this huge box of toys and goodies. It was Clara's first play date. We had 10 friends come and play. Thanks so much to everyone who came. We had a blast!
Clara is such a character! She loves bath time.

Clara loves her Daddy! She gets so excited when he comes home from work each evening.

Our 1 year old

Recently, Clara has shown interest in being a big girl. She loves sitting on the couch with Mom & Dad. She also enjoys holding the remote and changing the channels.
I will randomly find her just sitting, lounging or laying on the couch. She can climb up and down from the couch all by herself. She is such a big girl!!

Clara also likes sitting in boxes or anything she can fit inside. She really likes taking the lid off the ottoman and climbing inside.
I'll always love pictures of my babies sleeping. This was on the morning of Clara's 1st birthday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Clara!

On August 11, 2010, Clara DeeAnne Zurawski turned 1 year old!! Our little baby is getting so big so fast! It's been an awesome first year. Clara is such a sweet addition to our family. Her smiles bring us so much joy each and every day. We love her so much and hope we can fill her life with as much joy as she has given us as her parents.

For her birthday, we had a fun lunch party at McDonalds. It was Clara's first time eating a Happy Meal and she learned how to drink out of a straw! That night for dinner we ate with some friends at IHOP. Clara had pancakes and loved them!These are pictures of Clara on her official birthday. I will post pictures later of her birthday party.

9-12 continued

Clara loves to read. I caught her reading the newspaper the other day.
For Clara and Parker's 1st birthday, we had a Prince & Princess Party. This is the outfit that she wore. She loved the wand and wearing her cute tu-tu.
We brought Clara with us when we voted. It was her first time voting.
This is the $2.99 swimsuit I bought for Clara at The Children's Place. They had an awesome sale where everything was $2.99!!

9-12 months

We've taken a bunch of pictures over the last few months and forgotten to post them. Here they are...
Clara is our little doll!!
She loves the water and had so much fun when we went to Nashville Shores.
In the bath, Clara loves to drink the water. She'll stick her face under the running water and loves the thrill of it!
It's been a super fun summer! It's been so fun watching Clara grow up and explore the world around her. She loves water, animals, clouds, balloons, anything colorful, people, toys, stairs, sleeping and lots of food!